3 Trade Scenarios to Strengthen the Lakers: Adding a Legendary Point Guard, Top Shooting Guard, and Solid Defensive Center

Despite having a losing record for most of the season, the Los Angeles Lakers played well towards the end of the season, reaching the Western Conference Finals. They hope to build on their success and win another championship. There are several nice trade concepts that could assist them in reaching their objectives. The Western Conference is becoming more competitive, especially with the addition of Bradley Beal to the Phoenix Suns alongside Kevin Durant. The current champions, the Denver Nuggets, will keep their core team for next season. The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers are also significant candidates. The Lakers have three trade possibilities to enhance their team.

The Lakers have three trade options, each with its own risks and rewards. First, they could trade for an aging player with a Hall of Fame future, which is risky due to the team’s age but could have a high reward. Second, they could target a top scorer and shooter whose team is changing directions. Lastly, they could acquire a center to move Anthony Davis to power forward. The Lakers need to carefully consider these trade ideas and make the best decision for their long-term success.

Very risky trade for Chris Paul

Chris Paul
Chris Paul

The Lakers are considering a high-risk, high-reward trade for Chris Paul, a future Hall of Famer. Despite being past his prime at 38 years old, Paul’s addition could greatly benefit the Lakers’ championship aspirations if he remains healthy. While Paul has been traded to the Washington Wizards, there’s a possibility he will be rerouted as part of a deal for the Phoenix Suns to acquire Bradley Beal. The Lakers have an advantage in pursuing Paul over the rival Clippers because they are fully committed to winning next season.

Trade Details

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Chris Paul

Washington Wizards Receive: D’Angelo Russell (Sign and Trade)

The Lakers are considering trading D’Angelo Russell for Chris Paul. Despite Paul’s age, his skills, leadership, and playoff experience make him a valuable asset for the Lakers’ championship goals. In contrast, Russell’s inconsistency and uncertain development make him less suitable for the Lakers’ immediate goals. While there are risks involved, the potential benefits of acquiring Paul outweigh them. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers should make bold moves to contend for a title before a rebuild becomes necessary.

Acquiring Zach LaVine

The Lakers could explore trading for Zach LaVine, a skilled shot-creator and shooter who is a two-time All-Star. LaVine had impressive stats this season and narrowly missed the playoffs with the Chicago Bulls. At 28 years old, he has the talent to contribute alongside the Lakers’ superstars.

Trade Details

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Zach LaVine

Chicago Bulls Receive: Austin Reaves, Malik Beasley, No. 17 Overall Pick

The Lakers need another All-Star offensive player, and Zach LaVine fits the bill. He has a proven scoring track record, averaging over 20 points per game in the past five seasons. LaVine’s shooting percentages are impressive, and he would provide the Lakers with much-needed scoring, especially from the perimeter. At just 28 years old, LaVine has room to grow and could become a more well-rounded player under LeBron James and Anthony Davis. While it would be tough to part with Reaves, Beasley, and the No. 17 pick, acquiring LaVine is a move the Lakers should seriously consider to win now before James retires.

Lakers sign Myles Turner

Lastly, the Lakers may consider acquiring a two-way big man to strengthen their defense and team chemistry. If a star player is unavailable, they could shift Anthony Davis to his preferred position, which could improve their chances of competing for the NBA championship in the 2023-24 season.

Trade Details

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Myles Turner

Indiana Pacers Receive: Rui Hachimura (Sign-And-Trade), Mo Bamba, No. 17 Overall Pick

Myles Turner’s shot-blocking and rim-protecting abilities make him a valuable defensive force that the Lakers could benefit from. He also contributes offensively with solid scoring and shooting from beyond the arc. Turner would provide another reliable scoring option alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, improving the team’s overall performance. Although Rui Hachimura and Mo Bamba have potential, the Lakers may be willing to trade them for a proven player like Turner. With their focus on winning now, the Lakers see Turner as a valuable addition to their roster.

The best plan for the Lakers


Chris Paul, Zach LaVine, and Myles Turner are three potential trade targets for the Lakers. Paul brings leadership to the table, but his age and injury issues are a problem. LaVine is a powerful scorer who would provide much-needed scoring, while Turner would provide defensive presence as well as shooting. When health and long-term value are taken into account, LaVine emerges as the best candidate to complement LeBron James and Anthony Davis in a strong combination.

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