5 Reasons Why San Antonio Spurs Shouldn’t Have Picked Victor Wembanyama in NBA Draft

The San Antonio Spurs picked Victor Wembanyama as the number one choice in the NBA Draft. This made the Texas team very happy and excited because they believe Wembanyama is an extremely talented teenager who is considered unique and exceptional.

When the Spurs officially announced their decision to choose Wembanyama, he hugged his family members. This decision was expected since the Spurs had the first pick in the Draft, making it a predictable outcome.

Here are 5 reasons why Spurs made a mistake by picking Victor Wembanyama:

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama


1. Spurs need proven winners

The Spurs haven’t been in the playoffs since 2019, and it doesn’t seem like they will anytime soon. Victor Wembanyama is a young player with potential, but he might need more time before he can make a major impact. It would have been a better choice for the Spurs to pick a player who could help them win immediately.

2. Risky pick

Victor Wembanyama has the possibility of becoming a superstar, but he still has a lot to learn and develop. He is very young and hasn’t faced tough opponents yet. There’s a chance that he may not reach his full potential. This makes his signing very risky and he could very well fail.

3. Already have young players

Spurs already have some talented young players. If Wembanyama were to join the team, there would be too many young players competing, and it’s uncertain if Wembanyama would be better right away.

4. Bad history with international players

The Spurs have picked a few players from other countries in the past few years, like Luka Samanic, Nikola Milutinov, and Chimezie Metu. Unfortunately, none of these players have performed as well as people had hoped. It might have been a better choice for the Spurs to select a player from the United States who has already proven their abilities.

5. Spurs need more shooting

Last season, the Spurs were not good at shooting three-pointers compared to other NBA teams, as they ranked 26th in that category. Victor Wembanyama is not known for being a great shooter, so selecting him would not have helped improve the Spurs’ need for better three-point shooting.

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