Antoine Walker Excludes LeBron James from His Controversial List of the Top 5 All-Time NBA Scorers

LeBron James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar‘s record for most points scored in basketball history. With 38,652 points, he currently has the greatest score ever. He is clearly one of the finest scorers in the game.

However, Antoine Walker, a former basketball player from the Boston Celtics, doesn’t consider LeBron James to be one of the top five greatest scorers in NBA history.

Antoine Walker on his top 5 NBA scorers list with no LeBron James

LeBron James
LeBron James

“First obviously I got the greatest scorer ever in obviously Michael Jordan. I don’t think nobody is gonna argue that on who’s gonna be the greatest. Then obviously, I got Kobe Bryant. I’ve obviously been in the same draft with him, and just seeing his ability to score the basketball was just like Michael and did it in all three facets, so that’s my guy,” Walker said on I Am Athlete podcast.

“And then Larry Bird is three. A lot of people may wonder why I picked Larry Bird, but Larry Bird was an unbelievable scorer. Just go through the film, look back, look at his career numbers, look at the stats, look at the efficiency, and the way he scored from the three and the two-point line and obviously the free-throw line. Just one of the greatest scorers,” Walker added.

Walker’s list of the greatest scorers in NBA history was impressive. He chose Allen Iverson and Wilt Chamberlain for the fourth and fifth positions on his list, respectively.

“Then I had to put AI [Allen Iverson], just because we may never see it again, a guy his size to have that type of ability to score the basketball. Playing against AI and seeing him do it with 6’3″, 6’4″ guys guarding him, it’s something special to see. So I got AI at four. And then we got to put Wilt Chamberlain in there. Obviously, the numbers speak for itself for Wilt. So that’s my top five of all time,” he said.

The former NBA player’s list didn’t have LeBron James on it. He talked about leaving him out of his list of the top five greatest scorers in NBA history.

“A lot of people may think LeBron because obviously he got the scoring title. LeBron’s probably six or seven. Trying to think of another guy we got to put in there, but LeBron’s probably six right behind this list right here for me,” he further added.

Antoine Walker didn’t include LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his list of all-time scorers. It’s surprising because James and Kareem are currently the top two players with the most points scored in NBA history.

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