Bill Walton Expresses Shock and Disappointment Over Scottie Pippen’s Treatment of Former Teammate Michael Jordan

In the past, the Chicago Bulls enjoyed tremendous success in the world of basketball, with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen emerging as a dominant duo in the 1990s. Their exceptional performances established them as one of the most celebrated partnerships in American sports history. However, their once close bond has deteriorated over time, largely due to the release of ‘The Last Dance,’ a documentary that had a negative impact on Pippen. Feeling bitter and undervalued regarding his contributions to the Bulls, Pippen has initiated an unreciprocated conflict with his former teammate, attempting to undermine Jordan’s achievements and reputation.

Over the last few years, Pippen has made numerous exaggerated remarks about Jordan, attracting considerable attention and surprise within the basketball community. His unconventional statements have caused widespread discussion and debate. Most recently, Bill Walton, a former NBA All-Star, strongly criticized Pippen for his relentless and ongoing campaign against MJ.

Bill Walton criticizes Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen

“I’m shocked and dismayed and those words are NOT strong enough to relate my feelings as the way that Scottie Pippen treats Michael Jordan. That’s just not right,” Walton said.

The relationship between MJ and Pippen appeared to be on good terms until the release of the documentary series ‘The Last Dance’ in 2020, which shed light on behind-the-scenes moments during the Chicago Bulls’ final season. Although Pippen was featured in the series, he expressed dissatisfaction with how he was portrayed, leading to a strain in their previously amicable connection.

“Michael Jordan professes his love for Scottie Pippen, anoints him the best teammate he ever had, and acknowledges he couldn’t have reached pro basketball’s zenith without him. But Pippen has been notably silent since the documentary began its run last month, and those close to him say he’s wounded and disappointed by his portrayal,” Jackie MacMullan reported.

The relationship between Pippen and Michael Jordan is completely damaged

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Given their immense success during their tenure as a duo, one might assume that they would possess a unique and unbreakable bond. However, they serve as a reminder that even the most formidable relationships can falter, and it is impossible to recapture the past and restore things to how they once were.

“Well, obviously I know Michael well, but I don’t know Scottie that well, I don’t. But he’s always been very pleasant and very nice to me. And as I say, I admired him tremendously as a player. He got better every year. He wasn’t, somebody that just fell off a cliff. He was a really good player and whatever happens in relationships and when, particularly if you look at a team and you would think that those guys like that would have the most special relationship in the world. I just haven’t understood that,” Jerry West said.

Several decades have passed since the remarkable run of MJ’s Bulls, yet the incredible achievements of that team will forever remain indelible. Regardless of whether Scottie and MJ ever reconcile and resume communication, their undeniable spot in the annals of NBA history cannot be erased. Perhaps, in the future, they may choose to have a sincere conversation to resolve their differences, but for now, it is unlikely that any reconciliation will occur.

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