Brandon Miller Reveals How Michael Got In His Nerves And They Started Trash-Talking in Draft Workout

Brandon Miller could be selected as the second overall pick. According to sources, the Charlotte Hornets are considering choosing the 6’9″ forward over Scoot Henderson. Miller recently discussed the first time he met Michael Jordan while trying out with the Hornets.

Jordan trash-talked the 19-year-old, but he was surprised when Miller responded with his own trash-talk.

Brandon Miller on trash-talking Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

“Working out in front of Michael Jordan, a lot of people told me I’d be under pressure, but MJ was never the guy I grew up watching, I grew up watching Paul George. Michael Jordan was just a regular guy in the gym watching me work out. He definitely sounds like how he does on TV, he was trash-talking… He told me I was just a shooter. I know my talents and abilities, can’t let Jordan get into your head. I was kinda talking trash back to me. I witnessed him airball a free throw too, I’ll have that against him. It’s just him being old. Lace ’em up,” Miller said.

Brandon Miller is an incredibly talented player. He has all the necessary skills that modern forwards require. He can dribble the ball well, shoot accurately, make excellent passes, and sprint across the court. While there may be some worries about his physical abilities, his potential as a skilled player is extremely promising.

Is Miller a good choice?

Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Hornets

Miller has a strong and competitive personality. This matches what MJ wants, as he still has the final say on who the Hornets will pick in the draft, even though he sold his share of the team.

Scoot Henderson and LaMelo Ball together would have been a superb backcourt against which other teams would have struggled. However, the pairing of LaMelo and Miller appears to be a better fit for Charlotte’s long-term success.

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