Dennis Rodman Opens Up on His Friendship with Kim Jong Un, Claims He Gave His Newborn Baby a 1991 Chicago Bulls Jersey

Dennis Rodman has had a crazy life. He won five NBA titles and had relationships with celebrities such as Madonna and Carmen Electra. He even married himself at one point.

No doubt, the most surprising thing about Rodman is his friendship with Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. Rodman was a big fan of the Chicago Bulls, and when he agreed to visit North Korea, they became friends.

Dennis Rodman on Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

“Next thing you know, this little guy walks in. A little guy. I had three interpreters with me, and I said, ‘Who’s that kid?’ And they said, ‘That’s the Supreme Leader.’ So I’m like, ‘You wanna inform me what that means? That guy like the President guy?’ He says, ‘Nah it’s his country,’” Rodman said about his meeting with Kim Jong Un.

“That right there shocked me. I’ve never in my life seen nothing like that. A lot of things kinda shocked me. But that right there, when I was in North Korea and I saw him walk in, it was like, Jesus, Moses, and God just walked in here and like, just got blessed. When he sat down, they kept going. They kept clapping… It was like 20 minutes of this sh*t… I just kept looking at him like, ‘Is he that powerful?’ And yeah man, throughout the time I was in North Korea, he hung out with me the whole time. I went to his house, he just had a newborn baby. I gave his baby a ’91 jersey. And his wife. I think they love me…” he added.

It’s hard to believe, but Dennis Rodman’s ability to become a friend of Kim Jong Un and visit North Korea is crazy. The relationship between North Korea and the United States is tense, and even diplomats find it difficult to enter the country. The fact that an NBA star could achieve this shows the incredible influence of sports.

Rodman’s life has been wild

Dennis Rodman’s stories all sound unbelievable in some way. For example, he once ate food from other people’s plates at Charles Oakley’s steakhouse. He also shared that he lost his virginity for $20. There are many more such stories, but the main idea is clear.

When it came to defending and getting rebounds, Rodman was one of the best in NBA history. But his celebrity extends beyond his basketball abilities.

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