Former NBA Champion Kevin Garnett Gives Credit to Michael Jordan For The Powder Ritual of LeBron James

Many NBA players have developed a pre-game ritual. LeBron James has a ritual in which he throws powder into the air, which fans have long admired. However, a basketball player who has been an All-Star 15 times believes that Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the best of all time, started this tradition.

Even though these rituals are just based on superstition, they really get the NBA stars excited before games. And, of course, they always manage to entertain their fans.

Pre-game ritual of LeBron James

LeBron James
LeBron James

Dwyane Wade, who wore the number 3 jersey, used to do three pull-ups before the game. Stephen Curry has to make a special shot from the tunnel before each match. If he scores from the baseline, it’s a big celebration for the team. But LeBron James’ chalk toss routine is really special. It’s simple but legendary. Before games, basketball players usually put powder on their hands for better grip, but James does it in a cool way.

He throws a bunch of powder up in the air above him and looks as it goes away with his arms wide open. This ritual is now a part of who James is when he plays basketball. However, NBA legend Kevin Garnett, also known as the Big Ticket, believes that Michael Jordan started this ritual.

LeBron James is known for his ritual of throwing powder in the air, but he wasn’t the first to do it. Michael Jordan used to clap his powdered hands before games. Kevin Garnett shared a video showing MJ clapping his hands in front of the people who talk about the games. Everyone got used to MJ’s routine, so much that the commentators brought umbrellas to protect themselves just before Jordan’s ritual.

“Ever wonder where we all get the powder routine from…got from the GOAT himself…MJ…” – Garnett captioned the video he shared.


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Garnett also had a unique pre-game ritual. He would smash his head on a soft cushion just before the game began, sometimes punching it with his fists.

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