Gabe Vincent Reveals His All-Time Top Five Players With Three Lakers on the List, but Magic Johnson Is Not Included

Gabe Vincent agreed to a three-year, $33 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. He wasn’t drafted in 2018, still, he now plays for the Lakers. He revealed his top five greatest players of all time and three of them are Lakers.

He revealed the list on Lakers Daily.

Gabe Vincent on all-time top five players

Gabe Vincent
Gabe Vincent

“I’m going to go Jordan. I’m going to go LeBron and Kobe. All-time five. I’m going to go Kareem. You know what’s funny? One of the names that just popped up in my head was Bill Russell. May he rest in peace, but I was a little nervous to go down that lane because he’s a Celtic. I was a little nervous to throw it out there, but this is tough. It might be Bill,” he said.

“Bill was a problem. Some of the things he was doing and how much he won, his impact on the game. I’m going to throw Bill at five for right now. I feel like everyone’s top five is a work in progress constantly. I’m sure in two hours I’ll say something different,” he added.

Even though there are many players who deserve recognition, Gabe Vincent didn’t include Magic Johnson in his list. Magic Johnson is often regarded as the best point guard ever, despite his career being shorter than expected. He is usually included in most top-five lists.

Vincent on why he joined the Lakers

Gabe Vincent was among the first signings by the Los Angeles Lakers during free agency. The former point guard for the Miami Heat recently explained his decision to join the Lakers in an interview with Jovan Buha from The Athletic.

“Gabe Vincent says he chose the Lakers because he wanted to join a contending team and compete for championships. The Modesto, Calif., native also mentioned the advantages of being closer to home and playing for an iconic franchise,” Buha tweeted.

The Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers both advanced to the final four teams in the playoffs before being eliminated by the Denver Nuggets. Nuggets then won the championship. It’s unclear whether Miami was willing to match the Lakers’ contract offer to Gabe Vincent.

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