“He’s Going Grocery Shopping with His Family” – Marcus Jordan Praises Lionel Messi While Taking a Shot at His Father Michael Jordan

Marcus Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan, has received many exceptional privileges and luxuries since he was a child.

Marcus was born in 1990, right around the time when his father, Michael Jordan, was at the peak of his career. Sadly, this meant that Michael was often too occupied to spend quality time with Marcus and the rest of the family.

Of course, the same is true for all professional athletes, as many of them dedicate numerous hours of their life to staying in top physical shape.

Marcus Jordan praises Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Marcus shared his thoughts about sports fathers, and he mentioned how athletes like Lionel Messi are changing the traditional idea of being a family man while being a sports icon.

“I like seeing that they do things together as a family. I think we’ve talked about this. Like being an athlete… growing up in the family of a public figure. Sometimes, the dads get a bad rap for not being there necessarily. And I feel like with Messi… even down to publics he’s going grocery shopping with his family. And so, you love to see that!” Marcus said after Messi’s photo with his family at a grocery store in Miami went viral.

Being an NBA superstar means having a hectic life, and this can sometimes result in families not getting enough time to be together. Marcus experienced this to some extent, which is why he now speaks about this topic with confidence and understanding.

Unknown side of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

When Jordan wasn’t busy with basketball, training, or going on trips, he likely spent time at home trying to protect his family from the public attention. Although Jordan wasn’t flawless, he didn’t always treat his family the way he treated his opponents in sports. In fact, his son Marcus once mentioned that Jordan could completely switch off that competitive side and just be a dad whenever he chose to.

“One of the biggest misconceptions was that he couldn’t turn that [competitiveness] off. He definitely could turn it off and be a dad. But when it was on, it was on,” he said.

Certainly, the family situation gets tricky when you have a superstar like Jordan. There’s no way to avoid the constant attention and the pressure to always be ahead. It must have been really challenging to find enough time in the day to be with your loved ones.

Thankfully, everything went out well for Jordan and his family, and it appears that Messi is enjoying his life in Miami as well. Perhaps other athletes should take note and follow their lead.

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