“He’s the Most Misunderstood Dude” – Stephen Curry Gives His Honest Opinion on His Former Teammate Kevin Durant

In his long career, Stephen Curry has had many memorable performances. One memorable night was in 2021, when he broke Ray Allen‘s record for most three-pointers in NBA history.

Curry had a special dinner to celebrate the moment and Kevin Durant joined the party. In a new documentary called “Stephen Curry: Underrated,” there’s a nice conversation between the two old teammates. After that, Curry said that Durant is the player people don’t really understand in the NBA.

Stephen Curry on Kevin Durant

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry: “Get the f*** out of here, bro. Sorry for my language, Mama. I’m so sorry.”

Kevin Durant: “I had to come over here and say what’s up. I love you, brother.”

Stephen Curry: “I love you, too dawg. Remember the time you thought I was a little white kid? I think about that s*** all the time.”

Kevin Durant: “Well, who knew this s*** ten years ago? Now you that guy. Embrace that s***. Good luck brother.”

Stephen Curry: “I love that dude, man. He’s the most misunderstood dude in the freaking league right there.”

Last year, Curry said Durant is misunderstood and had experienced things that made it hard for him to trust others. We might not know exactly what happened, but Curry still loves and understands him. They were teammates for three special seasons, leading the Golden State Warriors to two championships. If Durant hadn’t been injured in the 2019 Finals, they could have won three championships in a row.

Kevin Durant said fans are brainwashed

Durant strongly believes that people don’t understand him well. When a fan on Twitter suggested he left the Warriors because of his ego, KD disagreed and said he is actually one of the most humble and coachable players in the league. He also thinks that fans have been misled or influenced by certain ideas.

KD was described as a player without a big ego by Amar’e Stoudemire, an assistant coach with the Brooklyn Nets. Except for Steve Nash, KD usually gets along well with his coaches. His playing style is adaptable to many systems, making coaching easy.

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