“I Like These Conversations” – Shaquille O’Neal Shuts Down Debate with 2023 NBA MVP Joel Embiid and Him

Shaquille O’Neal recently discussed a topic regarding him and Joel Embiid competing in basketball. People were speculating on who will win. Shaq tweeted that Embiid may be incredibly good and beat him. Shaq couldn’t help but share his thoughts on this potential contest.

When talking about a game between Embiid and Shaq, there are two important things to think about. First, Embiid is really good at scoring in basketball and one of the best of his time. He had a great season where he scored a lot and got the MVP award. But his defense was only really good in the playoffs.

Also, when Shaq was at his best, he was almost impossible to stop. The Lakers legend was like a force of nature that couldn’t be controlled. It’s really hard to imagine anyone being able to stop him.

Shaquille O’Neal on competing against Joel Embiid

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal

When talking about the second point, it felt almost wrong to think that Embiid could stop Shaq when he was at his best. So when Shaq saw a post suggesting that this could happen, he couldn’t help but share his thoughts about it.

“i like these conversations. give me your thoughts. you already kno mine. #barbecuechickenalert” Shaq captioned his post.


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This season, Embiid has shown that he is good at defending and blocking shots. He is a strong and powerful player himself, but dealing with O’Neal might be a bit too difficult for him.

Could Shaq beat Joel Embiid 1-on-1?

The idea of Shaquille O’Neal playing against Joel Embiid in a one-on-one match is interesting. Embiid would have a hard time guarding Shaq, but Shaq might struggle to guard Embiid too. Shaq was great at offense, but his defense wasn’t his strongest suit. If it’s a test of pure strength, Shaq would have the advantage, but Embiid has more to his game than just strength.

Embiid is superb at scoring in a variety of ways.  He has a significant advantage in a one-on-one match. Shaq would have to defend outside of his typical zone, which would be unpleasant for him. The outcome would be determined by the rules and who made the first mistake. Shaq normally goes for safer shots, therefore Embiid is unlikely to win this matchup.

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