“I Think It’s Terrible” – Michael Jordan’s Agent David Falk Slams Today’s NBA Free Agency Due to Frequent Trade Demands by Superstars

In the NBA, free agency is an exciting period. This is because players may choose which team they want to play for. Many famous basketball players, like Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, and Steve Nash, have switched teams around this time period in the past.

But nowadays, signing new contracts doesn’t have the same meaning as before. Players now have more power and can ask to be traded even if they have several years left on their contracts. David Falk, who was Michael Jordan’s agent for a long time, talked about this new trend in free agency.

Michael Jordan’s agent on NBA free agency

Michael Jordan

“You don’t need free agency. Because these teams, the minute the guy says `I don’t want to be on the team,’ they accommodate him. I think it’s terrible,” Falk said via GQ Sports.

He then continued to explain why players such as Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing didn’t make similar moves like the ones we see today.

“You don’t think Michael Jordan and Patrick had power?” Of course, they had power. But they were smart enough to know that they would never do those kinds of things publicly because it was inimical to the game that they love,” he added.

Recently, players like James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Damian Lillard have asked to leave their teams or move to new ones, even if they still had contracts. This is different from how things used to be when star players would sign with new teams during free agency.

Damian Lillard has been criticized for his trade request

Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard

Many players have been doing this, but Damian Lillard has received more serious criticism than others. This is because he has apparently demanded to be traded only to the Miami Heat. Even though he has played for the Portland Trail Blazers for a long time, some people are upset because he is basically choosing where he wants to be traded.

Difficult to know what will happen in the future. But it’s clear that even the biggest contracts don’t always guarantee that a top player will remain with their team. Some older people argue that players have too much power.

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