“I Thought I Was Going To Prison”: Dennis Rodman Reveals How One Day His Whole Life Changed When He Was Homeless

Dennis Rodman earned a lot of money in the NBA after becoming a top player. He was a member of the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls, where he helped them win a lot of games and five titles.

When Dennis Rodman was younger, he wasn’t seen as a very talented or promising player. He recently shared that he didn’t have a home for three years before he started playing basketball.

Dennis Rodman reveals he was homeless

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

“Oh yeah, I was homeless for like two or three years. It’s a trippy story man. It’s like wow… Amazingly, that happened to me and wow, here I am today doing stuff like this,” Dennis Rodman said on Vlad TV.

Rodman recalled a story about college recruiters.

“It was more like, when you go from the projects, having a garbage bag… It’s all good. That was like one of those breakthrough moments you have in your life, right? And that’s what happened.  These two guys came and knocked on the door and like, they asked, ‘Is Dennis Rodman here?’ I said, ‘No, he’s not here.’ Although I’m standing right there. I asked them to shut the door but they knocked again, so I said, ‘Yeah, that’s who I am.’ And I thought I was going to prison. You got two white guys in suits and sh*t… ‘What I do now?’ But those two were coaches from Southeastern Oklahoma and they came and wanted me to go try out for the team,” he said.

Dennis Rodman played for a college team before joining the NBA. He was really good at getting rebounds and won a lot of championships. He was also named an All-Star and won awards for being a great defender.

Rodman’s childhood was very difficult

When Dennis Rodman was a kid, his dad left his family, so he grew up with his mom and sisters. They lived in a rough area in Texas, and he was frequently picked on by other kids. When he finished high school, his mom made him leave because he didn’t have a job.

Rodman’s childhood had a major impact on him. He claimed to have been arrested over 100 times for various offences. It’s incredible that he accomplished so much considering his difficult childhood. Since then, no one has come close to Dennis Rodman.

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