“I Was Going to Prison” – Dennis Rodman Emotionally Breaks Silence on a Life-Changing Moment After 3 Years of Homelessness

Dennis Rodman had a crazy NBA career. His career was full of entertainment and controversy. It’s important mentioning that his life has been weird since he was a child, not only when he became famous. Recently, the five-time NBA champion spoke out about his difficult childhood. He explained how he ultimately succeeded after three years of being homeless.

Dennis Rodman played with the “Bad Boy Pistons” in the late 1980s and early 1990s, causing a lot of problems for Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Rodman then joined the Chicago Bulls, with whom he won three championships.

Dennis Rodman on his homeless days

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

In a recent interview on VladTV, Dennis Rodman openly shared his childhood memories. When he was three years old, his father, Philander Rodman Jr., left him and his family. Growing up without a male figure in the household was difficult for Rodman. As he got older, things became even tougher for him.

When Rodman began playing basketball, he wasn’t seen as someone with a lot of potential. He was considered too short to have a successful basketball career. But when he turned 20, he suddenly grew taller. Despite facing physical challenges, he had a bigger problem to deal with: he didn’t have a home for three years. However, his circumstances changed when an assistant coach at Southeastern Oklahoma State University noticed him.

“I think that was like one of the breakthrough moments you have in your life right? Uh and this will happen, these two guys came and knocked on the door. They knocked again. I see yeah that’s who I am and stuff like that. I thought I was going to prison…But that was two coaches from Southeastern Oklahoma when they came and wanted me to try out and put a team,” Rodman said.

Rodman had problems at home

Before becoming homeless, Dennis Rodman faced many challenges and troubles at home. Since there were no male members in the household, his sisters, Debra and Kim, treated him like a sister and even dressed him up as a girl. However, basketball became a source of comfort for Rodman, and he may have started to understand his true self when he played the sport. Even then, as a short and slender young person, he was not considered a promising prospect.

When Dennis Rodman was 18, his mother Shirley forced him to leave their home and changed the locks so he couldn’t return. Rodman had to learn the hard things of street life before something good happened at Southeastern Oklahoma. He has never looked back since. It’s been an incredible journey for him, from having no house to becoming a recognized Hall of Famer.

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