“I’ll Make You Pay for That” – Michael Jordan Once Took Advantage of an Opponent’s Injury and Scored 51 Points at 38 Years of Age

Michael Jordan had many memorable moments during his incredible career. However, one performance, during his time with the Washington Wizards, stood out and everyone remembers it.

In the 2001-02 season, Michael Jordan was a co-owner of the Wizards. But after making some changes to the team, he surprised everyone by announcing that he would come out of retirement to play for them. It was impressive because he was 38 years old, yet he was still a class player.

Michael Jordan exploited an opponent’s injury

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

In an interview, the former Wizards head coach, Doug Collins, talked about how great Michael Jordan was, even at that point in his career. In one game against the Indiana Pacers, he had a disappointing performance, and it ended his streak of scoring in double figures for 866 consecutive games.

But Collins said that Jordan was not bothered by it at all. Instead, Jordan started getting ready for the next game right after they came back to Washington. When talking about that game, Collins said that he and Jordan had an agreement once he started performing well. Jordan wouldn’t be taken out of the game unless he said so.

“Two minutes to go in the game, he gives me the sign, like, that’s enough. I take him out of the game. He walks over to the bench, I’m like, ‘Michael, what happened tonight?’ He said, ‘Well, the guy who was guarding me tonight was telling me his back was hurting. Don’t ever tell me you got a problem.’ He said, ‘I’ll make you pay for that,'” Collins said.

At 38 years old, Jordan scored a superb 51 points in a game vs the Charlotte Hornets. And in the next match, he scored 45 points against the New Jersey Nets. With a total of 96 points in just two games, Jordan proved to everyone in the league that he was still a top player.

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