“I’m Probably Gonna Disappear” – Victor Wembanyama Reveals How Frustrated He Is with NBA Media

Victor Wembanyama has faced a difficult situation as an NBA superstar. He was involved in a scandal involving Britney Spears off the court, and he was widely criticized for his poor performance with the Spurs during the Summer League, labeling him a failure.

After sharing his future plans once the Summer League ends, Wembanyama made it clear that he believes the upcoming months will have a significant impact on his life. He intends to stay away from the media during this time.

Victor Wembanyama wants to stay away from media

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama

“As I’m not playing in the World Cup, I got two or three great months that are coming and they’re gonna change my life. I’m probably gonna disappear from the media for the next [few] months, honestly,” he said.

Wembanyama played really well against the Portland Trail Blazers tonight and is predicted to become a top-notch defender in the NBA. Even if he struggles with offense against tougher competition, his defense will still be outstanding. Jerry West compared him to a bigger Bill Russell, which is a great compliment for a defensive player.

Wembanyama needs to fully focus on basketball

LeBron James used to do something called ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ before big playoff games. It means he would stay away from social media to focus on basketball. Wembanyama will be closely watched during his rookie season’s 82 games, so he needs to be mentally ready for that. He’s only 19 years old and must show maturity beyond his age to reach his full potential.

Wembanyama chose not to compete in the FIBA World Cup in order to prepare for his debut NBA season. The Summer League gives fans a chance to see Wembanyama before he competes against the top players in the NBA.

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