“I’m Thinking About Retiring” – Michael Malone Brutally Roasts LeBron James and the Lakers

In a historic victory, the Denver Nuggets emerged as the NBA champions by defeating the Miami Heat in a five-game series during the 2023 NBA Finals. This monumental achievement marked the first championship win for the Nuggets in 56 years, with Nikola Jokic playing a pivotal role in their success. Following his team’s triumphant title victory, Michael Malone expressed his elation, but he didn’t overlook the Los Angeles Lakers, whom the Denver Nuggets had swept in the Western Conference Finals a few weeks earlier.

Malone playfully teased LeBron James and the Lakers for diverting attention away from the Nuggets during that time.

Michael Malone trolls LeBron James and Lakers


“Speaking of the Lakers, I just want you guys to know, this is breaking news: I’m thinking about retiring,” Malone said on the Pat McAfee show.

Despite the playful banter, Michael Malone made it clear that he has no intention of leaving and remains committed to continuing the process of building a strong foundation with the Denver Nuggets.

“Only kidding. Hey, I don’t want to Kroenke family looking for a new head coach. I’m not retiring,” he added.

This remark can be seen as a criticism directed at LeBron James for his ambiguous remarks regarding potential retirement following the 2023 NBA Playoffs. These comments overshadowed the Denver Nuggets’ remarkable achievement of reaching the NBA Finals for the first time, diverting the spotlight towards the Lakers and James. The Nuggets showcased exceptional basketball throughout their journey, and LeBron’s comments were viewed as unfortunate by many, including Charles Barkley and numerous fans. Nikola Jokic expressed that his team is accustomed to being overlooked by the media, so the situation was not out of the ordinary for them.

Malone called out the Lakers

Michael Malone
Michael Malone

However, Malone stands apart in this regard. During an interview, he reminisced about the time when the Nuggets secured a 1-0 lead in the series, yet the headlines predominantly focused on the Lakers and their presumed understanding of the Denver team. Even after the Nuggets emerged victorious in the series, the situation remained unchanged, which greatly displeased Malone. The experienced coach emphasized that if people continue to disregard the Nuggets even after their championship win, nothing will alter their perception.

“If they don’t [talk about us enough], we don’t give a sh*t. We believe in each other, we know what we’re doing and all we worry about is, what we do every single day on this journey,” he said.

Following their victorious 2023 NBA championship campaign, the Nuggets find themselves in an enviable position. Despite prevailing doubts, they possess a significant opportunity to establish themselves as an NBA dynasty. However, before they can solidify their status, certain maneuvers must be executed during the offseason. If Bruce Brown departs, it becomes imperative for the Nuggets to secure a suitable replacement. By acquiring a player who mirrors Brown’s abilities, the Nuggets stand a strong chance of securing additional championships in the coming years, further solidifying their dynasty aspirations. Once achieved, it will become increasingly challenging for people to overlook the prowess of this formidable team.

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