“It’s Just Full Support” – Stephen Curry Gives His Honest Opinion on Whether His Kids Will Play Basketball

Many parents want their children to achieve what they did and be successful, which is typical among athletes like Stephen Curry as well. Several previous players’ children are now playing in the NBA and WNBA.

Stephen Curry is a father with three kids. His oldest daughter, Riley, is now 11 years old. He also has a daughter named Ryan, who is eight, and a young son named Canon, who is five. He recently talked openly about whether any of them will play basketball when they get older.

Stephen Curry on if his kids will play basketball

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

“I, well my oldest, I have two girls that are 11 and 8, and a younger son who is 5. My oldest is a volleyball player, she’s taken after her grandma and every woman in my family who’s played volleyball. Little daughter, dancer, she’s kind of the artist of the family. So I’m kind of zero for two on that one already,” Curry said.

“And the 5-year-old, we’ll see what he wants to be. I don’t know, basketball, golf, baseball, whatever it is. I don’t know. But the biggest thing is whatever they decide to do, it’s just full support,” he added.

Stephen Curry is an incredible shooter, the best in NBA history. People wonder if his kids will be basketball players too, but they are still young to know. His daughter, Riley, seems to like a different sport already. No matter what, Steph and his wife, Ayesha, will support their children and help them follow their dreams.

Curry’s son copies his celebrations

Stephen Curry is leaving behind a great reputation, and his son might find it tough to be as good as him, which could be a lot of pressure for the kid. However, Bronny and Bryce James show that it’s possible to handle that pressure well. It looks like Steph’s son also wants to be like his dad a lot. Last year, he was seen copying his dad’s celebration called ‘Night-Night’.


Canon Curry has to wait for about 14 more years before he can join the draft. So we won’t know for a while if he can be like his father. But, because Steph and his brother followed their father, Canon may become a great NBA player in 18 years, just like them.

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