“Just in Disbelief and in Shock” – Magic Johnson Reveals How He Felt When He Found Out He Was HIV Positive

Something very bad happened in the world of basketball in 1991. Magic Johnson claimed he had to stop playing basketball after contracting the deadly illness known as HIV.

That day was really important for Johnson, and he will always remember it. He talked about how he got the virus in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Magic Johnson on being HIV positive

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was in Utah getting ready to play a practice game against the Jazz. Then his doctor, Dr. Melman, called him and said he needed to return to Los Angeles. Johnson wanted to play the game first and then go back, but the doctor insisted that he immediately stop everything and catch the next flight.

When Johnson went to see Dr. Melman at the doctor’s office, the doctor gave him the news that his tests showed he had HIV. It seems that Johnson, who had been chosen as an NBA All-Star 12 times, lay down on the floor and spent two hours feeling confused and asking himself a lot of questions.

“You are just in disbelief and in shock. You are sitting there like man, how could this happen me. What does this mean? I was just devastated because I thought I had did everything right. The worst thing was Cookie was pregnant with EJ,” Johnson said.

Magic went back home and was very sad during the way. During the ride, he thought a lot about what he should say to his wife, Cookie Johnson, knowing that it would make her very sad.

“When you make a mistake and you not only hurt yourself but hurt the ones that love you. And that hurt me,” he said.

As soon as Johnson walked through the front door of their house, his wife already sensed that something was not right. Magic shared the unfortunate news with Cookie, and he anticipated that she might want to leave.

“I can understand if you want to leave me because you know, I’m now turning your life upside down,” Johnson said to his wife.

“She smacked me upside my head and said we’re going to be just together. Let’s get on our knees and pray,” he added.

Johnson was thankful that he was the only person with HIV after getting his wife’s support. Tests were performed on his wife and unborn kid, and the findings revealed that neither of them had the virus.

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