Kobe Bryant Once Revealed His Greatest Fear and It Has Nothing to Do with Basketball

Kobe Bryant was never scared of tough opponents. He did, however, have one fear, and it had nothing to do with basketball.

In an interview with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, Kobe Bryant mentioned that there was one type of animal he preferred not to bother with, and those were bees.

Kobe Bryant on his biggest fear

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

“I don’t f*** with bees, man. Other than that, I’m not afraid of nothing,” Kobe said.

Kobe didn’t like bees. They scared him, but they didn’t stop him from becoming a top player.

Kobe always stayed out of trouble

Kobe Bryant really loved basketball, and people know that well. But not many people know that he used basketball as a way to stay out of trouble and avoid problems.

“Playing basketball all day. I did my homework and most of the time, because I wanted to play basketball as soon as I got home from school, so I would do my homework during lunch. So when I went home I didn’t have to do it. So, I would just do it real quick, do what I had to in school, then when I go home, I used to play basketball again,” Kobe said.

Kobe was so into basketball as a kid that he remained out of trouble. He didn’t have many friends on the court as he grew up, but it didn’t worry him because he accomplished so much. During his career, he won five titles and two Finals MVPs. Nobody in the NBA will ever be as good as the incredible Black Mamba.

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