Lakers Trade News: Western Conference teams set target Anthony Davis for upcoming season


There have been rumors suggesting that Anthony Davis, the highly talented power forward of the Los Angeles Lakers, might be involved in a potential trade. The Dallas Mavericks are said to be contemplating the idea of acquiring Davis as they strategize for the upcoming season.

The unexpected defeat of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Denver Nuggets in Game 4 has sparked discussions among fans and analysts. Despite Anthony Davis’ remarkable performance throughout the season, ongoing rumors about a possible trade have caused speculation about the potential dissolution of his partnership with LeBron James.

In a recent appearance on Fox Sports Radio, sports commentator Colin Cowherd brought up an interesting topic, discussing LeBron James’ reported frustrations with coach Darvin Ham’s coaching approach and Anthony Davis’ perceived lack of responsibility.

Anthony Davis to leave the Lakers?

Cowherd made a case stating that if the Mavericks were to pursue Davis, it would give them a strong defensive presence to guard players such as Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic.

“Dallas would love AD. He solves all their issues. He gives them a second score. He’s not at all ball dependent. Luca gives you the 70 games and the consistent energy. Anthony scores 23 without really setting up plays for him. He gives them a rim protector. I heard at the trading deadline Dallas has their eye on Anthony Davis,” Cowherd said.

“The Lakers, they think Le Bron still has a soft spot for Kyrie Irving. I think the Lakers and The Mavericks, you will hear in the next month something, I really believe that and I think you have to take the phone call and listen,” he added.

If the Mavericks were to pursue Davis, they would need to approach the situation with caution and carefully evaluate the assets they would be willing to give up. Additionally, they would have to address the concerns that caused the Lakers to contemplate parting ways with Davis. It would be of utmost importance for the Mavericks to skillfully navigate these matters and ensure that they are fully comfortable with the possible trade.

Could Davis join the Mavericks?

The Mavericks have been closely monitoring the chance to acquire Davis and they might possess the necessary assets to facilitate the trade. Since their 2023 first-round pick is scheduled to be transferred to the New York Knicks, the Mavericks would have additional first-round picks that they could potentially offer. However, a potential trade could also entail the Lakers accepting players like Tim Hardaway Jr. or even considering the involvement of a third team in the transaction.

If the Lakers were to consider trading Davis, they would need to navigate the situation carefully given their limited assets. A crucial question emerges: Can the Lakers find a suitable replacement for LeBron James through a separate trade once they part ways with Davis? This factor would hold great importance in their decision-making process. As the offseason approaches, the NBA community eagerly anticipates how the Anthony Davis trade rumors will develop. If the Mavericks succeed in acquiring the skilled power forward, it could have a significant impact on the dynamics of both teams.

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