LeBron James, Who Spent $6,500,000 on Liverpool, Gets Trolled After Lying About Peter Crouch

LeBron James is a great businessman with a lot of money, estimated to be worth $1 billion, while being only 38 years old. One major source of his wealth is his 2011 investment in Liverpool. He pretends to be a big soccer fan even if he isn’t. However, this once put him in trouble and became a popular NBA meme.

James has a habit of telling big lies. One time, he claimed that he predicted Kobe Bryant‘s incredible 81-point game. But people doubted his words and didn’t believe him. Critics questioned if he was telling the truth or just trying to make himself look better. They saw it as another example of him making things up to improve his own image.

LeBron James gets exposed when asked about his Liverpool knowledge

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James is really smart, but he’s still a human who has limits to what he knows, even if he knows more than most people. However, he doesn’t like to admit when he doesn’t know something. So, when he was asked about Peter Crouch, who is a famous football player, and Jordan Henderson, who is the captain of Liverpool, he ended up embarrassing himself. You can see what happened next in the tweet by ‘OT’, and also check out the response tweet by ‘Kish’ to this post.

LeBron James is really good at playing basketball, but he’s not good at acting when it’s important. Everyone could easily tell he was lying, which made the popular meme come up again. But to his credit, James knows about the joke online and took it in a good way, without getting upset.

King James is a smart person. He is aware of what’s happening around him and knows how to handle things. And on one occasion, he accidentally revealed that he knows about the ‘lying’ meme and understands it.

Surprisingly, this occurred during a formal interview following an NBA game. LeBron was asked about Carmelo Anthony‘s retirement by reporters. In a lighthearted answer, the Lakers great claimed to have “inside information” and declared that he knew Carmelo Anthony was retiring.

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