NBA Fans Shuts Down The GOAT Comparision By Showing Michael Jordan Winning in Every Category Over LeBron James

People always compare Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Even though LeBron is still an excellent basketball player, people always compare his accomplishments and honors to those of Jordan.

Both Michael Jordan and LeBron James have been great at basketball but in different ways. Jordan was a strong scorer and defender, especially in important moments. LeBron is good at many things and helps his team. But when it comes to deciding who is better, one NBA fan shared a picture showing their choice.

NBA fan on Michael Jordan vs LeBron James

The picture compares Michael Jordan and LeBron James to show that Jordan was much better. It says that Jordan won more championships, Finals MVPs, and regular MVPs, which are all true. Jordan also won two sets of three championships in a row, while LeBron hasn’t won any. Jordan never lost in the NBA Finals, but LeBron has lost six times.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Many people who argue that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time (GOAT) over LeBron James often mention these facts. However, the debate is more complicated, and it’s clear that these statistics have been selectively chosen. Although the post became very popular on social media.

Some statistics favor King James

LeBron James
LeBron James

The graphic in question has some issues with the chosen statistics. One problem is the mention of “Finals Meltdowns.” Although LeBron James had a rough performance in the 2011 NBA Finals, it’s his only significant failure. In other cases, he lost to strong teams like the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. While Michael Jordan had a higher peak in scoring, LeBron has a longer career and recently became the all-time leading scorer in the league. He also has more playoff points than Jordan, with a significant difference between them.

Statistics such as rebounds, assists, and other metrics make LeBron James look great. The creator of this image already has an opinion on who the GOAT is. However, it’s worth noting that Michael Jordan completed more amazing feats than LeBron James despite playing five fewer seasons.

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