NBA Legend Michael Jordan Roasts $9,065,600 Charlotte Hornets Rookie Brandon Miller

The Charlotte Hornets had an amazing night at the NBA Draft in 2023. Instead of choosing the second-best player that everyone agreed on, they picked Brandon Miller as the second overall pick. Miller is a versatile player who can accomplish a variety of things on the floor. According to Real GM, his first contract will pay him $9,065,600. Overall, Miller is a good player, and even Michael Jordan, who mocked him after his selection, recognizes that.

Before the draft, Miller got attention when he talked about his workout with the Hornets. He told everyone that Michael Jordan, the greatest of all time, was there and actually missed a free throw. It was embarrassing for MJ. But at the draft, Jordan got back at Miller by joking about him, while also giving him a friendly welcome.

Michael Jordan trash-talked Brandon Miller

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Brandon Miller must be really happy right now. He was chosen as the second overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets, and soon he’ll get to live his dream of playing in the NBA. The best part is, he’ll be playing for Michael Jordan, who he already has a good relationship with. Before the NBA Draft, Miller met Jordan during his workout with the Hornets. It was there that he saw Jordan miss a free throw, which he later told the media about. This made both Charlotte fans and MJ fans angry because they thought Jordan would be upset, as he tends to take things personally.

Surprisingly, Michael Jordan didn’t get upset as everyone thought he would. Instead, he took it well and even made fun of Miller during their phone call after he was chosen. He asked Brandon if he could hold a basketball with one hand yet, and then told him that the real work begins now.

“What up dude? Can you palm a ball yet? Well, welcome man. I’m looking forward to seeing you play man. And, I know you’ve been talking to Melo already, haven’t you?…Alright man well you know what? You know what happens now right? You got to get to work dude!” Jordan said.

It was a nice moment between Jordan and Miller, and it might be the last thing Jordan does as the main owner of the team based in North Carolina. He’s almost finished selling the team officially.

As the main owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan’s last task will be to draft Brandon Miller. He’s virtually finished selling the team for a whopping $3 billion to Gabe Plotkin and Daniel Sundheim. Jordan will, however, retain a minority ownership stake in the organization.

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