”I saw AD kind of helping a little too much” – Kyrie Irving reveals how Anthony Davis’ error helped Mavericks secure victory against Lakers


Anthony Davis had been instrumental in leading the Los Angeles Lakers towards what could have been a crucial win, but unfortunately, they were defeated by a last-second shot from the Dallas Mavericks. Kyrie Irving passed the ball to Maxi Kleber, who was open on the perimeter, and the German player hit the three-point shot that resulted in the Mavericks’ victory over the Lakers.

Following the game, Irving highlighted Anthony Davis’ error on the final play that led to Irving’s pass to Kleber.

Kyrie Irving on Anthony Davis’ mistake

“It seemed like three of them were around me at the end of the game. But I’m just grateful that I was able to have my head on the swivel. I thought about, for a split second, forcing that two up to tie the basketball game. But I saw Maxi open.NBA N. So, I tried to get it into his shot pocket, and I’m glad I got it to him with enough time to at least get the shot off. I could easily be sitting in this position with a loss,” Kyrie said.

During the crucial moments of the close game, Anthony Davis made a couple of mistakes. First, he fouled Maxi Kleber while he was shooting a three-pointer, and then he missed a free-throw that could have forced overtime for the Lakers. Despite Davis’ recent impressive performances for the Lakers, his errors can be attributed to a bad moment. However, this highlights that he may not be the ideal candidate to lead the team. Nonetheless, Davis took accountability for his actions, which is a sign of good leadership.

Davis’ message to the Lakers after the loss

Anthony Davis had a commendable performance during the game, scoring 26 points and collecting 10 rebounds with impressive efficiency. Despite this, Davis acknowledged his mistakes during the crucial moments of the game, demonstrating a willingness to take responsibility for his errors.

“What did I tell them? I don’t know I mean I already came in and told that last play was my fault, but let’s say watch again tonight, watch the film tomorrow. Shoot some free throws. There’s nothing we can do about it, to be honest. Our focus is now Sunday, trying to win against Orlando,” Davies said.

The current situation of the Los Angeles Lakers is uncertain as they have a record of 34-37, and they must win games to increase their chances of making it to the playoffs. The team’s season is once again on the line, and they must turn things around quickly.

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