NBA Insider explains on why LeBron James plans to retire in 2025 with the Lakers


LeBron James has exerted his dominance in the NBA for the past two decades. However, it’s inevitable that there will come a time when James will no longer grace the league with his presence, and that is a regrettable reality.

Fans have long wondered about the timing of LeBron James’ retirement, but they were taken by surprise when he hinted at it following the conclusion of the 2022-23 NBA season. In relation to this, NBA analyst Arash Markazi believes that James will continue playing in the NBA until 2025, sharing his rationale in a recent tweet.

Arash Markazi on the retirement of LeBron James

“LeBron isn’t leaving without a retirement tour. His goal was to play in the NBA with Bronny, who is playing one mile down the street next year and will be one and done. L.A. will host 2025 NBA All-Star, which will be a LeBron retirement party. NBA Vegas ownership in 2026,” he said.

The arguments put forth by Markazi are highly logical and compelling. It is widely acknowledged that LeBron James is arguably the second-greatest player in NBA history, and for many, he is considered the absolute best. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that he would retire from the league without receiving a well-deserved retirement tour. Throughout his career, James has consistently expressed his desire to play alongside his son, Bronny James, in the NBA. However, there have been recent reports indicating that LeBron might be prepared to let go of that dream.

Regarding the 2025 NBA All-Star game, there is still no official confirmation on whether Los Angeles will be the host city. However, at present, L.A. is considered the frontrunner. Additionally, in 2022, LeBron James openly expressed his intention to own a team in Las Vegas if there is an expansion. Considering these factors, it would come as quite a surprise if James were to retire following the Lakers’ postseason sweep.

Will King James continue with the Lakers?

LeBron James is currently in the later stages of his NBA career, nearing the point of retirement with each passing season. If the Lakers wish to ensure that James concludes his basketball journey with their team, it is imperative for them to devise a solid strategy that enables him to contend for an NBA Championship in his remaining years.

Presently, the Lakers are allowing James some room and will engage in a discussion about his future in due course. Regardless of whether he remains with the Lakers or not, fans of the NBA undoubtedly hope to witness the 38-year-old superstar continue his journey in the league.

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