“That’s gonna hinder your growth” – Paul George urges Rockets to reconsider pursuing James Harden


Paul George has reservations about the potential reunion of James Harden and the Houston Rockets, citing personal reasons for his stance.

During his discussion, the LA Clippers guard extensively addressed the potential consequences of the Rockets’ pursuit of James Harden, particularly highlighting the impact it could have on the performance of the team’s younger players.

Paul George on James Harden

“Personally, I wouldn’t pursue it. There’s obviously been some links of James [Harden] wanting to come back to the team. I feel like at this point you’re the king of Houston. You gotta go through being double-teamed, being triple-teamed, and being the target every time,” George said on the latest episode of Podcast P.

“And you bring someone like James who’s such a ball-dominant player, that’s gonna hinder your growth a little bit. Regardless of how it can elevate you on another level of him teaching you, and you learning off of him, I feel like, for you, you have already been through the fire, so let you continue to learn, you know what I mean?” he added.

George’s remarks come in the midst of intense speculation that Harden was highly likely to reunite with the Rockets in the upcoming summer. It is believed that the team is aiming for a significant overhaul to regain their status as title contenders.

“The belief among NBA executives is that James Harden will rejoin the Houston Rockets this summer,” The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey wrote.

The rumors surrounding Harden’s possible return to the Rockets began circulating in December last year. Although Harden denied the speculation at that time, it appears that the potential move may indeed come to fruition.

Jalen Green on Harden joining the Rockets

During an episode of his podcast, George engaged in a conversation with rising star Jalen Green regarding Harden’s potential return to Houston. Green expressed his agreement with the notion that the presence of the 76ers star could have dual effects on the team and his own performance.

“I think it can play both ways. It can help and hurt at the same time. I haven’t really talked to him too much about the rumors, I’m with you on that,” he said.

Green has been a consistent performer for the Rockets this season, maintaining averages of 22.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game. While he is likely to gain valuable experience from Harden’s presence, there may be necessary adjustments and potential questions about team cohesion as the season unfolds. However, it is also possible that Houston could explore trading Green as part of their plans.

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