Close Friend of Charles Barkley Believes Barkley May Be Affected by Disorder Impacting 1.3 Billion People

Whether you admire him or not, Charles Barkley demands attention. The NBA icon consistently shares his opinions on significant matters within the sports world and beyond. Despite facing criticism, Barkley refuses to shy away. One platform where he delivers his famous takes is the ‘Inside the NBA’ show, where he engages with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal. Recently, Smith made an appearance on the BigBoy TV podcast.

During the podcast, Smith shared intriguing insights about his colleagues. In an interesting turn of events, when asked to identify the most bothersome member of the crew, the former NBA champion responded without hesitation and made a controversial statement.

Kenny Smith mocks Charles Barkley

It is evident that Charles Barkley can be quite overwhelming at times, and this includes his impact on both the audience and his colleagues. In a recent podcast with Big Boy, Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith shared the specific reasons behind Barkley’s overwhelming demeanor.

Among the group, the 1993 NBA MVP stands out as the most vocal individual. Regardless of the time, whether it’s 2 AM or 2 PM, Charles Barkley maintains the same level of energy and speaks in a consistently high pitch. Interestingly, Smith believes that Barkley may be dealing with a common disorder that impacts over 1 billion people globally, as it explains his tendency to be exceptionally loud at times.

“Shaq, he’s loud right, in moments. He’s [Charles Barkley] never, it’s two in the morning, it’s two in the afternoon, it’s two in Russia, he’s the same all the time. He’s just loud as hell, it’s like he has a hearing disorder,” Smith said.

While Kenny Smith finds Charles Barkley to be excessively loud, he would still choose Barkley over Shaq if he had to spend time in a room with one of them. The reason for this preference is Smith’s lack of trust in Shaq and his unpredictable behavior. Interestingly, Smith issued a warning to the Hall of Famer during the podcast, expressing confidence that he would emerge victorious in a physical altercation against Barkley.

Barkley speaks for different issues

While opinions may differ on whether Charles Barkley is excessively loud, one thing is undeniable: he utilizes his prominent voice to advocate for meaningful causes. The esteemed Phoenix Suns legend has been actively raising awareness and speaking out against gun violence for a considerable period of time.

Furthermore, Charles Barkley consistently recognizes and appreciates the contributions of veterans to society. He even has a dedicated charity aimed at supporting military veterans. It is not only societal matters that Barkley addresses; he also fearlessly speaks out against unfair practices in the realm of sports.

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