”LeBron is coming where am I going to hide?” – Star Of The New Netflix movie “Hustle,” Speaks About Meeting LeBron James

On “The Rich Eisen Show,” Juancho Hernangomez, star of the new Netflix film “Hustle,” discussed meeting LeBron James. Hernangomez said he was surprised to see that LeBron knows him. Hernangomez also said that LeBron thanked him for the movie.

Despite the constant media slander, LeBron has been largely admired by international and national players alike.

Spanish NBA star Juancho Hernangomez recalls his interaction with LeBron James

“We play the Lakers and after the game LeBron came to me, I mean we were in the locker room, and he’s coming and I was like ‘LeBron is coming where am I going to hide?’ and he comes to and says ‘Hey, thank you for doing the movie, you’re looking great’ and I was like ‘Oh, he knows me,'” Juancho Hernangomez said.

LeBron James is well-liked in the league

In the 2010 offseason, LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat. When it came to activities strictly within their game, the media slander for basketball’s golden child reached a level that no athlete has ever experienced.

However, LeBron’s likeability has risen as he has gotten older. When James returned to Cleveland after leaving Miami, he gave the Cavaliers their only NBA championship. In the second half of the 2010s, James had a back-and-forth relationship with the Golden State Warriors.

His return to Cleveland likely improved his image more than his time in Miami. According to FiveThirtyEight’s ELO ratings, the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers were also the best team he’d ever been on.

When James returned to Cleveland, he was a part of a team that lacked star power. He led them to the finals for several years in a row, leaving a mark on his resume that few others can match. Not to mention the severely underachieving team he led to the NBA Finals by himself in 2007.

Grant Hill was asked on Showtime Basketball’s “All The Smoke” which player he would have preferred to play with during his career. Hill summed up why LeBron James is so well-liked in the NBA.

“I would’ve liked to have played with LeBron. The guys that play with him love him, like he’s inclusive, he thinks the game at a high level. I also think no one’s endured as much hate as LeBron. You think about, like Jordan didn’t have to experience that, when we played in the ’90s, it was talk radio, maybe the newspaper, but you didn’t hear the noise, you didn’t hear the slander,” he said.

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