“What the Hell Did That Make You” – Stephen A. Smith Slams Scottie Pippen for Criticizing Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen stirred up controversy once more as he criticized his former teammate Michael Jordan, labeling him a ‘poor player’ in his initial four NBA seasons.

Pippen’s take was widely disagreed with, and fans were quick to remind him that Jordan had always spoken highly of him, while Pippen was the one launching unwarranted attacks on his former teammate. Not only fans, but controversial analyst Stephen A. Smith also chimed in on the situation, criticizing Scottie for his harsh and unfounded comments.

Stephen A. Smith calls out Scottie Pippen for criticizing Michael Jordan

“Jordan was damn near as big as Michael Jackson. That’s who Scottie Pippen just said was a horrible player. Now one can easily deduce what Scottie Pippen said and simply ask a very rhetorical question: ‘If Jordan was horrible what the hell did that make you?’ But that would be disrespectful to Scottie Pippen. And Scottie Pippen doesn’t deserve that” Smith said.

Smith implied that Pippen may have ulterior motives for attacking Jordan, as it seems illogical to make such negative remarks about someone who consistently showed him respect and credited him as the best teammate he ever had. The suggestion of Pippen’s motivations behind these statements is simply baffling.

“But you know what Scottie Pippen deserves? He deserves to hear the truth. Somebody has to tell him. Several truths come to mind. How you sound on this particular footage of you talking about Michael Jordan; you sound like a damn fool. You sound like an ignorant dude that don’t know the game. We know better than that. So it only brings two other things to mind, bro. Envy and bitterness. Those are the two things,” he added.

Stephen A. explains that it is natural to feel envious when someone like Michael Jordan receives all the attention and credit for the Chicago Bulls’ incredible success. However, Jordan consistently acknowledged Pippen’s contributions and gave him the recognition he deserved. Despite this, Pippen remains steadfast in his attacks on Jordan, disregarding the fact that his claims are unfounded. It is difficult to comprehend this situation, as Trae Young also expressed, but it appears to be the stance Pippen has chosen to adopt.

Pippen’s latest statement, claiming that Jordan didn’t excel until joining the Bulls in 1987, caused a stir and disbelief among many. This assertion is flawed on several counts, as Jordan had already established himself as a top-tier player in the NBA during his initial four seasons. Despite their immense success as the greatest duo in NBA history, winning championships and garnering numerous accolades, their relationship has irreparably soured due to Pippen’s remarks. Pippen’s decision to turn against Jordan has resulted in him making numerous enemies, ultimately leading to the irretrievable breakdown of their once-close bond.

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