Ranking the Most Liked Players in The NBA Right Now By Tiers

For the top players, the NBA is a popularity contest. Social media makes it simple to keep up with what our favorite players are up to. Being in the news, doing well, and having an interesting style all contribute to a player’s popularity. However, popularity is determined by factors other than talent. Even superstars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant face criticism. Players who are liked usually have a good personality and charm. Their attitude is very important.

Ja Morant used to be a well-liked player worldwide, but his foolish actions resulted in him missing the first 25 games of the 2023-24 season. Apologizing for such behavior isn’t enough, especially if it’s repeated. Similarly, Zion Williamson’s affair with an adult actress has made him less popular while increasing her popularity. Whether it’s due to Zion’s injuries or recent off-court issues, he isn’t as loved as before. Thankfully, there are still many NBA players who are loved because of their attractive playing styles, personalities, and mindsets.

Likable NBA players

Fred VanVleet

Mikal Bridges

Damian Lillard

Andrew Wiggins

Mike Conley Jr.

De’Aaron Fox

Donovan Mitchell

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Anthony Edwards

Jamal Murray

Fred VanVleet is likable for overcoming odds and becoming an All-Star. He won an NBA championship and has been consistent on both ends of the court. Mikal Bridges has improved tremendously and is likely to be an All-Star next season. He scores well and plays strong defense. Damian Lillard is an explosive scorer and an outstanding point guard. He has loyal fans but some find his comments about not winning a championship annoying.

Andrew Wiggins is liked for his athleticism and reaching his potential with the Golden State Warriors. He’s improved as a shooter and contributes to defense, rebounding, and shot-blocking. Mike Conley Jr. is loved by almost every NBA fan. He’s likable, plays hard, and helped the Minnesota Timberwolves in the playoffs. De’Aaron Fox is exciting to watch with his quickness and clutch performances. Winning the Most Clutch Player of the Year award adds to his likability. He’s an exceptional All-Star player for the underdog Sacramento Kings.

Donovan Mitchell is loved for his athleticism, scoring, and mentality. Despite frustrating playoff experiences, he had big moments, including a 71-point game. Fans find his playing style likable. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander improved as a scorer and all-around player. He almost led his team to the playoffs with impressive stats. His speed and explosiveness make him entertaining to watch. Anthony Edwards, aside from being a great actor, is a likable player. He’s explosive, improving as a shooter, and has a great mentality. Fans see him as the future of his team. Jamal Murray gained many fans with his dominant playoff performance alongside Nikola Jokic. He averaged high points and assists, making him a feel-good story after overcoming injury.

Truly loved

Boban Marjanovic

Alex Caruso

Jaylen Brown

Steven Adams

Jalen Brunson

DeMar DeRozan

Nikola Jokic

Derrick Rose

LeBron James

Boban Marjanovic is loved for his intimidating appearance but lovable personality. Fans enjoy his goofiness and ability to have fun despite his massive size. Alex Caruso became a meme star with his insane hops and poster-worthy dunks. He’s now a respected role player known for his elite defense and competitiveness. Jaylen Brown is a spectacular athlete, exceptional scorer, and clutch performer. While Jayson Tatum is the team’s best player, Brown’s elite mentality and hunger to win make him beloved by fans. Steven Adams is respected for being the strongest player in the NBA and admired for his nice character. Fans are upset when he’s not on the court, showing how loved he is.

New York Knicks fans love Jalen Brunson for his stellar performance, leading the team to the playoffs. DeMar DeRozan’s explosive style and clutch plays make him a fan favorite. Nikola Jokic’s unique style and MVP-level impact on the game have earned him widespread adoration. Derrick Rose’s MVP days are cherished by fans who want to see him return to the Chicago Bulls. LeBron James is a unique player, loved by some and criticized by others, but he has a dedicated fan base.

LeBron James

Absolutely loved

Klay Thompson

Jimmy Butler

Jayson Tatum

Luka Doncic

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Klay Thompson is underrated and beloved for his team-first mentality and elite shooting. Jimmy Butler’s journey from an underdog to a franchise player has earned him immense love and respect. Jayson Tatum’s skills and star power make him a highly likable player with high expectations. Luka Doncic’s foreign background, MVP-level play, and genuine love for the game make him a fan favorite. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s growth and determination to be the best player resonate with fans despite setbacks.

The most loved NBA player

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

The NBA’s top point guard and a fan favorite is Stephen Curry. His distinct style of play and exceptional shooting make him a powerful force. Curry’s ability to score big and his humble character off the court draw fans of all ages. He is an exceptional talent to watch as he continues to lead the Golden State Warriors.

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