“Respect Me a Little Bit” – Victor Wembanyama Reveals Who Would Win Between 19 Years Old Him vs 60 Years Old Michael Jordan

The NBA has a new superstar. Many people believe Victor Wembanyama can become the best of all time. The San Antonio Spurs selected him first in the 2023 NBA Draft. He performed admirably in the French league despite being only 19 years old. People believe that when he retires, he will be better than Michael Jordan and LeBron James. He was humble throughout the draft, but not when asked about playing against Jordan, who is 60 years old.

Even though people think Wembanyama is as good as LeBron, he has a lot of pressure on him. He is expected to have a great career like a Hall of Famer. But he is staying calm and confident, which is really impressive.

Victor Wembanyama on facing 60-year-old Michael Jordan

In a recent episode of JJ Redick’s podcast called “The Old Man and The Three,” the really tall and talented player said that he doesn’t feel any pressure when people compare him to LeBron James. But he did make a big statement about Michael Jordan.

Fans have been comparing Wembanyama to great players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jordan, and LeBron. On Draft Night, he was asked an interesting question by Brad Parker from The Score. Parker asked Wembanyama what would happen if he played a one-on-one game against a 60-year-old MJ.

“Victor, who wins a 1v1 right now? You at your age or Michael Jordan at age 60,” Parker asked.

Wembanyama acknowledged that the Bulls legend, MJ, was the greatest of all time. But he confidently said that no 60-year-old could beat any of the players from the 2023 Draft Class.

“Woah, come on, man. Respect me a little bit. He’s the GOAT though. Yeah, but at age 60, I don’t know any 60-year-old in the world who can beat anyone in here,” he said.

Victor Wembanyama is said to be capable of increasing the value of a team by $500 million. He is projected to be incredibly valuable, and many brands are interested in him. He has already inked a multi-year contract with Nike. Sonny Vaccaro, who signed Michael Jordan to Nike, believes Wembanyama is extremely valuable. He discussed it in an interview with TMZ Sports.

“My answer to the world today…the Sonny Vaccaro answer. They’re (Wembanyama and Co.) gonna go in and say, “Okay! We want our shoe…we’re taking this percentage…we’re telling you what we want.” Someone’s going to give it to him! There’s no question in my mind. He’s worth a blank check!” he said.

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