Shaquille O’Neal Acknowledges Two Companies for NBA Milestone 21 Years After Lakers’ Three-Peat

Shaquille O’Neal received hate for his love of hip-hop during his early NBA career. But he didn’t let it stop him from pursuing music. Instead, his basketball career provided him with additional opportunities to display his rap abilities. Shaq’s link to the rap industry peaked when he relocated to Los Angeles with a $120 million contract. Despite the worries of others in the NBA, Shaq acknowledged that rap music assisted him in winning championships. He even identified two companies that helped him win three consecutive championships 21 years ago.

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant are considered the best NBA duo of all time. They led the Lakers to win three championships in a row in 2002, which only five teams in NBA history have accomplished. It’s important to note that no team since then, in the past twenty years, has been able to achieve the same success in the NBA or in any other major sports leagues in the country, such as NHL, NFL, and MLB. Surprisingly, the key to their success seemed to come from two record companies.

Shaquille O’Neal credits two companies for his achievements

Shaquille O’Neal
Shaquille O’Neal

Everyone in the NBA knows that Shaquille O’Neal really loves music. The 7’1 tall giant has found success as a DJ after retiring from basketball. He also had a famous rap career in the 90s, where he collaborated with big names in the music industry like Jay-Z, Biggie, and Nas, just to mention a few.

But Shaq recently shared a new viewpoint on his connection with hip-hop. Surprisingly, rap music played a crucial role in helping the Big Man succeed in basketball. Shaq shared a video on his Instagram stories from ShaqFu Radio, which explained how two companies contributed to his three consecutive championship victories with the Lakers. The video featured Shaq himself recalling those memorable times.

“There’s only two companies I can thank to help me win a championship-No Limit and Death Row. I can remember riding to the game playing ‘Murder Was the Case’…’Make Them Say Ugh’. So between Master P and Snoop and Suge Knight and Lil Wayne and all those guys-No Limit and Death Row, I wanna thank you guys for helping me win three championships in a row,” Shaq said.

During the 90s and early 2000s, both No Limit and Death Row Records, which included popular artists like Snoop Dogg, Master P, 2Pac, and more, were highly influential in the rap industry. So, it’s understandable that the Big Diesel gives them credit for his championship victories.

Shaq was successful in both music and basketball during the 90s. He won four NBA championships and his first album, Shaq Diesel, became a big hit, reaching platinum status.

Shaq, in addition to being a brilliant basketball player, stunned everyone by landing a $10 million deal for three albums. This showed that he is not just one of the top basketball players, but also a big part of the hip-hop community.

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