“She Has That Kind of S*x Drive” – John Salley Gives His Verdict on Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen’s Relationship

John Salley, a former player of the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons, had the opportunity to play with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. He is aware of Jordan’s son Marcus’s public relationship with Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa.

Many people have criticized their relationship, but Salley claims he understands why Marcus and Larsa got together.

John Salley on Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen’s relationship

John Salley
Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen

“The fact that for 23 years she was still having s*x with Scotty is something, and if she has that kind of sex drive, she needs a younger man, and I’m glad she got one,” Salley said on The Vlad TV podcast.

Larsa has been in relationships with NBA players in the past. One of them was Malik Beasley, who coincidentally was Pippen Jr.’s teammate on the Lakers last season. Salley believes that this situation makes things complicated for Larsa’s current relationship, especially now that her son is part of the NBA.

“The problem is, the world is small and smaller than we think. I get it, but it’s not like she’s looking through apps and going “okay” because she was messing with Beasley. it was far away from her son. No one thought that it was going to be a situation where they were going to be teammates. She was trying to live her life, but the deal is, he’s an ex, and now she’s with Marcus Jordan, I hope it lasts through all the fluff that’s happening,” Salley said.

“I hope it lasts through that because it could be a problem. If he has to keep dealing with the fact that this is Scotty’s ex-wife as opposed to his woman, that can become a problem,” Salley added.

Michael Jordan doesn’t like the relationship

Recently, someone asked Michael if he was okay with his son’s new relationship. Jordan was honest and said that he didn’t approve of it. This situation could be uncomfortable for both Michael and Scottie, especially because Scottie has publicly expressed his anger towards Jordan in the past.

Marcus and Larsa, in the end, get the final say on whether they want to continue their relationship. Even though the majority of people do not agree with it, they are happy with their decision.

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