Superb Business From the Lakers, Austin Reaves, D’Angelo Russell, and Gabe Vincent Combined Will Earn Less Than Fred VanVleet

The Lakers are making great free-agent signings. They’ve made fantastic deals for the squad and brought back key players from last season. They’ve also added fresh players to strengthen their squad. When compared to other teams, it is clear that they are extremely skilled at negotiating.

The Los Angeles Lakers agreed to contracts with Austin Reaves, D’Angelo Russell, and Gave Vincent. Austin Reaves will earn $56 million over 4 years, D’Angelo Russell will earn $39 million over 2 years, and Gave Vincent will earn $33 million over 3 years. Together, these three guards will make a total of $42 million in the next season. In the first year of his new contract, Austin Reaves will earn $12.5 million.

Good business from the Lakers in free agency


The Houston Rockets signed Fred VanVleet from the Raptors. He got a very big contract worth $130 million for 3 years. This is the most money ever given to a player who wasn’t chosen in the draft. Next season, VanVleet will make $43.3 million, which is more than what all three Lakers guards combined will earn.

To be fair, the Rockets added a former All-Star guard who has won championships to their team by signing VanVleet. However, a lot of fans think that the Rockets paid way too much for VanVleet when there were other players available for less money.

Fans believe the Lakers did a great job in free agency by signing good players for less money. They kept key players from last season and have a strong chance to compete for the title next year.

The Lakers must take advantage of LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ limited time together by winning another NBA title. They were brought together to win several titles, so winning one during their time together would be considered a letdown.

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