The Blockbuster 4-Team Trade That Could Shock Everyone On 2023 NBA Draft Night

A lot of NBA teams are discussing trades ahead of the 2023 draft. Teams want to win next season, so trades will be both obvious and unexpected. Multi-team transactions are tricky, although they can be beneficial at times. In this made-up scenario, Draymond Green signs a sign-and-trade agreement with the Los Angeles Lakers. Chris Paul has agreed to join the Los Angeles Clippers. The Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards both gain key players or resources.

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Draymond Green (Sign-And-Trade), Robert Covington

Golden State Warriors Receive: Rui Hachimura (Sign-And-Trade), Malik Beasley, No. 17 Pick (via LAL)

Los Angeles Clippers Receive: Chris Paul, Patrick Baldwin Jr.

Washington Wizards Receive: Marcus Morris Sr., Mo Bamba, No. 30 Pick (via LAC)

This trade could be good for all the teams involved, and it seems very much possible based on rumors.

The Lakers acquire a top 5 defender


Draymond Green is a valuable player for the Golden State Warriors, despite his no-so-great scoring stats. He excels in defense and has helped the team win championships. The Los Angeles Lakers want to acquire Green to improve their defense alongside Anthony Davis. They would also get Robert Covington, a skilled defender and three-point shooter. To make the trade, the Lakers would give up Rui Hachimura, Malik Beasley, Mo Bamba, and the 17th draft pick. It’s a reasonable price to pay for two experienced players.

The Warriors get a younger squad

If the Golden State Warriors can’t reach a new deal with Draymond Green, they may consider a sign-and-trade. The Los Angeles Lakers could be a good fit. In return, the Warriors could get Rui Hachimura, who would help with scoring, and Malik Beasley, a three-point shooter. This deal aims to build around Stephen Curry and add more shooting to the roster.

The Clippers acquire a point guard

Chris Paul

The LA Clippers are interested in getting Chris Paul as their point guard since Russell Westbrook might leave. They may need to trade to get him and this trade scenario involves moving the contracts of Robert Covington and Marcus Morris. The Washington Wizards would receive Marcus Morris’ contract and the No. 30 pick, which helps them clear money and get a new player. Chris Paul would be a good fit for the Clippers, as he is still a productive player and would be the third option behind Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. It makes sense for the team to try and get him.

The Wizards add contracts that are expiring

The Washington Wizards are focused on building for the future and reducing their salary. It makes sense for them to trade Chris Paul, especially if they can get a good return. Receiving two expiring contracts and a pick is a solid deal for an older point guard. They may also keep Mo Bamba, a young center with shooting and shot-blocking abilities. The pick in the trade is valuable because the 2023 NBA Draft has talented players. Overall, this trade allows the Wizards to gain value and assets while they rebuild their team.

A win-win deal for everyone

This trade could benefit everyone involved. The Clippers and Lakers would get impactful players in Chris Paul and Draymond Green. On the other hand Warriors and Wizards would receive good value for their players. Multi-team trades are rare, but their occurrence has increased recently. It remains to be seen if this trade will happen, but it makes sense financially.

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