“They Can Add to It” – Paul Pierce Claims LeBron James and Kevin Durant Should Already Be Hall of Famers Before Retiring

The 2023 Hall of Fame ceremony will take place soon on August 12th. Inducting someone into the NBA Hall of Fame is a huge honor, and it’s regarded as one of the finest moments in their lives. The rules say that players can only enter the Hall of Fame after four seasons have passed since they stopped playing. However, Paul Pierce thinks this shouldn’t apply to everyone.

Paul Pierce thinks players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant should already be inducted, even before they retire. For example, Gregg Popovich will be inducted this year while he is still coaching.

Paul Pierce on the NBA Hall of Fame

Paul Pierce
LeBron James

“They should start doing that with players. You can put LeBron in the Hall of Fame right now,” Pierce said on Sho Basketball while discussing about Popovich.

“If you can do it with coaches… why is Pop in the Hall of Fame? He’s still coaching for five more years for 80 more million. He might win more championships. You gotta put that on his stone. I mean, you gonna engrave his thing at the Hall of Fame, but it’s not complete. They can add to it. So, you can throw Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and all them guys in the Hall of Fame right now,” Pierce added.

LeBron and Durant are certain to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Paul Pierce believes they should be inducted now. Popovich, the coach, got in under different rules. Coaches must either be retired for four full seasons or have 25 years of coaching experience. Popovich has been the head coach for the San Antonio Spurs for 27 seasons and meets the requirements. He has been eligible for the Hall of Fame for a while due to his previous coaching experience.

Changes that can be made

Because things have been done the same way for a long time, it’s unlikely that they will make a big change. However, if they ever decide to change, they could consider adding another option where players need to have played basketball at those three levels for around 15 years.

If that modification is made, Durant, LeBron, Stephen Curry, and Chris Paul will be eligible for the Hall of Fame. Another change that should be considered is shortening the wait time. Four seasons is a long time, so perhaps it might be reduced to two.

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