Will Ferrell Reveals He Once Kicked Out Shaquille O’Neal from Staples Center Disguised as a Lakers Security Guard

The Los Angeles Lakers are associated with Hollywood, and they are renowned as the team that celebrities support. These celebrities occasionally appear in NBA games, resulting in incredible and entertaining stories.

Once, there was a time in 2013 when Will Ferrell put on a security guard costume at Staples Center. It wasn’t just a normal act, though—he comically kicked Shaquille O’Neal out of the stadium as part of the joke. He recently talked about this funny incident with Kevin Hart.

Will Ferrell kicked Shaquille O’Neal out from a Lakers game

Shaquille O’Neal

“And then the best part was, I get a tap on the shoulder. We’re sitting and we have a whole quarter left, like what do we do? I’m in my security guard outfit. The guy taps me on the shoulder because Shaq happened to be at the game. So he’s sitting near the baseline, over on the corner. And one of his guys is like, ‘Shaq thought that was hilarious. During the next timeout, do you want to throw him out of the game? Cuz he’s ready to leave.’ And I go, ‘Oh, that’s genius, yeah. I’ll stand up and I’ll pretend.’  So the next time that I stood up, I keep looking over at Shaq,” Ferrell said.

“He’s looking and he’s like… So I look at him like, ‘Hey, no no, please…’ And then, he keeps getting my attention, he’s not doing anything. And I’m finally like, that’s it, let’s go, and I throw him out of the game. And then Shaq and I are hugging each other. And he’s like, ‘You can throw me out any time. That’s hilarious,'” he added.

About 10 years ago, the incident became extremely popular online, and even the NBA’s official page shared the video on social media.

Ferrell once dressed up as ‘Jackie Moon’

Will Ferrell has been connected to basketball since he played a funny character named ‘Jackie Moon’ in the movie ‘Semi-Pro‘ in 2008. He didn’t just dress up as Lakers security, but he also dressed up as Jackie Moon and stole the show before a Warriors game at one point.

Today the NBA is extremely popular and well-known. Because the Lakers will be excellent again next season, we’ll see more celebrities sitting near the court.

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