“You Are Gonna Run Up” – Draymond Green Reveals The only Way to Stop Victor Wembanyama

Draymond Green claims that defending someone as tall as Victor Wembanyama is difficult.

However, the Golden State Warriors player is sure and will not give up when it comes to defending Wembanyama.

Draymond Green on defending against Victor Wembanyama

Draymond Green
Draymond Green

“You’re not just dribbling through me like the Harlem Globetrotters,” Draymond said on Podcast P.

Green wants to make Wembanyama uncomfortable on the court. He plans to stay close to him from the beginning, not giving him space to use his height to his advantage.

Green wants to make it difficult for Wembanyama to play well. He said they need to pressure him right from the start. Green wants to stop Wembanyama from feeling comfortable on the court. He thinks Wembanyama’s height and body might cause him problems in the league sometimes.

“Height becomes a disservice in this league; once you get to this level, you are gonna run up against guys who’s way stronger, that moves as fast or faster, and they play way lower to the ground, and as you know, low man wins,” he said.

Wembanyama hasn’t played in the NBA yet. But his talent has caught the attention of top defenders. Green’s defensive strategy shows the careful planning needed to limit Wembanyama’s impact. As a highly regarded prospect, Wembanyama has high expectations, with the media and NBA legends believing he has the potential to make a significant impact in the league.

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama

The NBA is waiting Wembanyama’s debut. People are talking about his abilities and how opponents will deal with him. Green’s comments show the commitment of defenders to stop players like Wembanyama. Wembanyama will try to become a Spurs and league legend.

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