Golden State Warriors Star Stephen Curry Talks About His Biggest Worries for His Children

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is currently considered to be among the league’s top players. He will soon become a successful businessman. He signs contracts or works to advance the neighbourhood while he is not working his magic on the court. Curry has a very busy schedule. Despite this, he makes a point of being involved in his kids’ lives. At this point, people understand that the four-time NBA champion is just an ordinary person. The Warriors star is concerned about his kids, just like every worried parent. Curry discussed the same in a recent interview.

Notably, Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry are parents to three kids. On social media, the two frequently share photos of their kids on special occasions like holidays and birthdays. The three children may also be spotted supporting the Warriors star from the sidelines. For a few seasons, Curry would bring his girls to the press room for the post-game briefing. In spite of the fact that their children will grow up in the public eye, Curry and Ayesha want to give them a healthy and generally normal childhood.

Curry was open and honest in a conversation with the Charlotte Observer about his life, career, and basketball. In the process, he talked openly about his worries as a father.

Stephen Curry on his worries as a father

Curry wants his kids to be confident in their identity as people. He wants them to be genuine and self-assured. Having said that, he asserted that the society in which his kids and the younger generation are growing up is very different from his own.

They are consumed by distractions and comparisons in the social media realm. even control in some ways how they live. Curry worries that his kids will struggle to understand who they are before exposing themselves to the world, just like the social media generation.

“I think that’s harder and harder for the younger generations now, to not get sucked into that world too soon,” Curry said.

Curry admitted that because of their surname, his children will be in the spotlight. That said, he wants his kids to understand that they are special. He also wants them to be pleased with who they are.

“They don’t have to live up to anything that the world tells them they have to,” he added.

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