LeBron James creates another unique record in the match against the Los Angeles Clippers


Even though his team suffered a close-to-20-point defeat tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers, LeBron James dominated with 46 points.

It’s difficult to blame LeBron for this loss, the Lakers’ 10th straight defeat at the hands of the Clippers. He spent the entire night playing both offense and defense.

LeBron James creates another record

Even though LeBron has previously expressed his distaste for achieving personal records in defeat, he did so once more because his 46-ball against the Clippers made him the first player in NBA history to have scored 40 points against each of the league’s 30 teams.

LeBron’s longevity only seems more and more miraculous by the day, but it’s possible that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves because of the lack of victories in Los Angeles. Rob Pelinka made a wise decision to buy Rui Hachimura, and one can only hope that he continues to make wise decisions in other transactions.

Is King James wasting his career at the Lakers?

Everyone wonders if LeBron James is harming himself by tolerating what the Lakers are doing in light of his tremendous scoring numbers at this stage of his career, especially since his 38th birthday. However, he must also accept responsibility for bad roster decisions like signing Russell Westbrook.

The team should do a better job of capitalizing on his present form and putting him on the roster to compete with their other assets. Imagine what he can achieve if the franchise is in contention for another championship while he is doing all in his power to keep them in the postseason mix. No player the Lakers may select in 2027 or 2029 will be as good as LeBron, so perhaps they should use those picks as soon as possible in a trade.

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