LeBron James’ Statement on Russell Westbrook Shows How Much He Cares For His Teammates

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook

After receiving an elbow to the head from Spurs center Zach Collins, LeBron James was simply relieved that Russell Westbrook remained unharmed.

James’ assistance in stopping a profusely bleeding Westbrook during a pretty back-and-forth game that the Lakers ultimately won 143-138 was one of the night’s highlights. For the forward who finished with a season-high 39 points, health came first.

James expressed his worry about the injury in a statement to the media following the incident and the victory.

LeBron James on Russell Westbrook’s injury

LeBron James stated that treating Westbrook’s cut came first because “his health is more important than the game.” He wanted to do something to Zach Collins once the situation had been de-escalated.

“I mean…it’s just common sense you know. Put pressure on the cut right away. Don’t let it continue go. Before we became teammates, always been brothers and his health is more important than the game of basketball. I actually saw the cut when that happened,” he said.

In addition to the 39 points, James had 11 rebounds and three assists. Anthony Davis was out with a calf contusion, but he was well supported by Lonnie Walker IV and Dennis Schroder.

Darvin Ham praises James

Darvin Ham mirrored James’ comments that there is more to life than basketball. While he was clearly delighted with the Laker’s victory, he was even more proud of James for doing what he did when he witnessed Westbrook take the hit.

Darvin Ham stated that LeBron helping Westbrook exemplifies the camaraderie, image, and action that the Lakers as a team and franchise represent.

“He takes a shot to the head, and you don’t wanna escalate the situation. You want to try to calm him down, you’ve got a guy with blood on his face who is understandably upset. Just having ‘Bron there, it shows a brotherhood that we need that type of image, that action, that belief in one another, we need that to represent us as a team and as a franchise,” he said.

The Lakers have already won five of their six games. Their record has improved from 2-10 to 7-11. The squad has already revealed their ambitions, aiming to reach .500 by the end of the year. The next game will be against the Indiana Pacers.

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