Luka Doncic made a major demand to Dallas Mavericks before trade deadline


Luka Doncic’s time with the Dallas Mavericks appears to be taking a wrong turn. Luka Doncic has been on a single mission since arriving in Dallas, with the only player who could back him up leaving to join the New York Knicks during the 2022 NBA offseason.

The Mavericks aren’t doing well this season despite making several fascinating acquisitions, and many people believe that their success is solely attributable to Luka’s exceptional talent. The point guard and the team are beginning to experience difficulties because of this. Many have conjectured in recent weeks that Luka is “done” with the front office and their inaction.

The athlete continues to compete at his highest level, demonstrating his dedication to the team every night. But just like every other player, Luka’s endurance may soon wear thin, which would be disastrous for the Mavs.

Luka Doncic wants changes

Luka has reportedly asked the Mavericks to make some trades before the impending February 9 trade deadline, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. Given that Luka cannot complete the task alone, this might either be a huge chance for the team or a major miss.

“Sources said Doncic, who hasn’t shown a desire to be involved in personnel matters in the past, has strongly indicated he wants the Mavs to upgrade before the Feb. 9 trade deadline,” MacMahon said.

According to MacMahon, the Mavericks may be looking for answers to this undesirable situation because they are aware of how this could turn out if they refuse to grant Doncic’s requests.

“The Mavs are well aware of a modern NBA math problem: Unhappy stars who have only two guaranteed years remaining on their contracts have leverage if they’re looking to leave. For reference, see Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans or James Harden and the Houston Rockets. That doesn’t necessarily mean Doncic will request a trade if the Mavs haven’t put a contender-quality supporting cast in place by the summer of 2024. But the Mavs, like the Hawks with Young, surely don’t want to fiddle around and find out,” he added.

Zach LaVine and D’Angelo Russell have been connected to the Mavs recently, but no deals have materialized as of yet. They need to bring in a player who can truly advance them to the next stage and support Luka in his quest for the NBA title. As things for the Mavericks could significantly alter for the better or worse, this could be one of the biggest stories leading up to the trade deadline.

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