Magic Johnson Who Is HIV Positive, Revealed His Wife’s Greatest Fears


The NBA community had a significant jolt more than 30 years ago. Magic Johnson, one of the biggest talents, had a news conference in California. The five-time winner had a serene expression on his face as he prepared to share some news. Notably, Johnson revealed his HIV infection to the world in 1991. The illness was seen as a death sentence at that time. Magic, however, became the beacon since he has endured and is still in good health.

One of the all-time most revered NBA figures is Magic. Johnson was more than simply an athlete; he served as the face of the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers. He had elevated to world-wide fame while residing in LA. Fans fell in love with him because of his spectacular plays and stylish throws. He and Larry Bird were regarded as the league’s top players during the 1980s. The league would, however, worry about losing one of its biggest talents in 1991.

Johnson’s motivations were apparent; he wanted to assist those who were suffering from terminal illnesses like HIV. However, Cookie, his wife, opposed the Lakers legend’s coming out. Notably, the disease’s previous fatality provided the basis for fright.

Magic Johnson on his wife’s fears

Magic discussed the time he acquired HIV during his interview with the Breakfast Club. The star with a net worth of $600 million described how he took on the role of being the disease’s face. Johnson had educated himself and was prepared to face the world. But Cookie, his wife, was still in the dark. She didn’t want Magic to keep the bad news secret because she had just received it. The Lakers great nevertheless wished to support others and serve as an inspiration for recovering from such illnesses.

“I had to think about it a lot because Cookie didn’t want me to come out because she was fearful of what might happen. You know, the response. But when I talked to Elizabeth Glazier who had really educated me about HIV. I aid ‘You know what, I want to save a lot of brother’s and sister’s life so I’m going to come out in public,” he said.

Johnson carried out his plan flawlessly. Magic triumphed despite being given a diagnosis for such a terrifying illness. The Lakers icon demonstrated to the world in the 1992 All-Star game how HIV wouldn’t stand in his way. Additionally, he joined Michael Jordan and Larry Bird on the 1992 Dream Team. The three-time MVP encouraged many others that illness doesn’t spell the end of life. Johnson has had the illness for more than 30 years and is currently in good condition.

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