”MJ never had to say that” – NBA fans drags Michael Jordan to LeBron James calls himself the GOAT


LeBron James made history by surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar‘s record of highest career points scored.

LeBron recently discussed the subject, emphasizing how important it is to him, even going so far as to call himself the NBA GOAT.

LeBron James calls himself the GOAT

During a recent interview, the Los Angeles Lakers player expressed some skepticism about his place among the all-time greats before declaring himself the best player to ever do it.

“What I bring to the table as a basketball player … I feel like I’m the best basketball player that ever played the game,” he said.

These remarks demonstrate LeBron’s belief in himself, but not everyone agrees. When the topic of the GOAT comes up, supporters always have something to say, and this was no exception.

NBA fans didn’t like James calling himself the GOAT

NBA fans have strong feelings about everything, and this is no exception as the King approaches history, but for many of them, it will not be enough to overtake Michael Jordan on their personal lists.










Whether you believe LeBron or Jordan is the GOAT, it’s far better to simply appreciate their talent and refrain from engaging in disputes that almost never end well. LeBron will be remembered as one of the greatest players of all time, yet his ranking may vary depending on who you ask. Stephen A. Smith believes he is comparable to Michael Jordan, but Charles Barkley ranks him seventh on his personal list.

Still, LeBron has created history, and we can only sit back and enjoy it as he adds another record to his outstanding career.

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