NBA: Los Angeles Lakers Star Lebron James Owns 2 of His Own Record Breaking $5 Million Rookie Cards

Being the first active player to reach $1 billion in wealth, LeBron James is currently the richest NBA player. His net worth includes two extremely rare cards.

Last year, the Lakers performed terribly. Last offseason, they made the audacious decision to acquire Russell Westbrook from the Washington Wizards, but the move completely backfired on them.

Westbrook had possibly his worst statistical season of his career because the roster was never designed to capitalize on his best qualities. On the court, everything he did was scrutinized closely.

Russell Westbrook was not a good fit

The Westbrook fit was never right, regardless of roster or coaching issues. Anthony Davis‘ injury for a significant portion of the season made things worse.

LeBron James made every effort on his end. He had a season worthy of the MVP and nearly finished first in the league in scoring. If the Lakers had performed better, he might have even come out on top. He averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists per game throughout the season.

LeBron James owns two of his rarest cards

Some of the most expensive collectibles in the world can include basketball cards. The cost increases even further if you’re looking for cards of a famous person or legend.

A rare card that could be worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the open market could easily make up for the couple thousand dollars you spent opening packs. They can even command millions of dollars. A LeBron James rookie card, for instance, recently fetched a record $5 million at auction.

Additionally, there are just 23 of those cards in existence. It is surprising to learn that LeBron owns two of those 23 cards, indicating that, should he ever decide to sell them, he’ll be in good shape for a while. James is a skilled businessperson, even if that means having a bit of narcissism and playing his own hand.

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