”No one handles the ball like him in history” – Klay Thompson’s father reveals who is a better 1-on-1 player than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Becoming a standout offensive player in the NBA can be achieved through various methods. However, having a diverse set of skills and a repertoire of moves to outwit opponents in 1-on-1 situations is highly entertaining for NBA fans to witness. Kyrie Irving, the star player for the Brooklyn Nets, undoubtedly possesses that skill set.

Kyrie has used his dribbling prowess to go past his opponents in a number of 1-on-1 scenarios throughout his career.

He obviously ranks among the top 1-on-1 players in the NBA right now. But according to Mychal Thompson, the father of Klay Thompson, Kyrie is the finest 1-on-1 player in NBA history, surpassing even Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Mychal Thompson on Kyrie Irving

Mychal Thompson undoubtedly has extensive knowledge of the NBA because he was a former player himself. Many people appreciated his judgment even after he released his selection of the top 5 NBA players of all time. However, his most recent assertion that Kyrie Irving is a superior one-on-one player than Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan is certainly disputable.

“This sounds crazy to say because you think about all the great ones before him and in the league now, but he is the best 1-on-1 player I have ever seen. Michael Jordan, Kobe, Steph Curry they all are great, but this guy, no one handles the ball like him in history. And then he has the moves to go along with it. And then he can shoot from the outside. And then he can finish at the rim better than any guard that finishes below the rim in history. How he scores over these big guys I can’t figure it out,” he said.

Kyrie Irving received nothing but praise from Thompson. He enumerated Irving’s extraordinary abilities, which made him the best 1-on-1 player ever. But is Irving truly a better player than players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan? That is undoubtedly a bold assertion.

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