Not LeBron James or Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic Reveals Who Is The Face Of The NBA


During the Dallas Mavericks’ loss to the Boston Celtics, Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum put on a show. While Doncic had a fantastic 42-point game on good efficiency, the Celtics’ all-around skill, along with Jayson Tatum’s 37 points, meant that the Mavs had little chance in a 112-125 loss.

Tatum has lost against Doncic in head-to-head competitions despite playing for the Celtics, who are a competitive team, and Luka has dragged the inferior Mavericks squad to victories. These include a 16-point comeback when they faced off in March 2022 and two incredible buzzer-beaters to steal the win away from the Celtics. Before the game, Doncic referred to Jaylen Brown and Tatum as the best NBA duo.

Luka Doncic on Jayson Tatum

Tatum received high praise from Doncic after the game, who referred to him as an MVP and one of the league’s faces.

Luka is 5-3 against Tatum in the regular season. He has scored less than 30 points in three of these games, the first two in his rookie season and the third last season.

Mavericks need to learn from the Celtics

This loss for the Mavs reveals a stark change in these teams’ fortunes since their previous matchup in March. In a playoff-caliber matchup at the time, the Mavs and the Celts had the two best records in 2022. In the end, the Mavs pulled off the surprising victory after mounting a significant comeback.

Every season of Jayson Tatum’s career, the Celtics have aggressively surrounded him with a core that is a contender. Tatum was selected one year before Luka, however, he has already played in three Conference Finals. Doncic has ruled out the notion of leaving the Mavericks if assistance is not provided, but it is always possible.

The Mavericks’ supporting cast failed to appear, leaving Luka to carry the team once more on his alone. Tatum, meanwhile, may cap off his team’s successful night with a standout individual effort that has persuaded many to consider Tatum for MVP.

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