Stephen Curry Opens up on Leaving The Warriors and Joining Another NBA Team

This year, Charlotte presented Stephen Curry with the key to the city. He expressed gratitude for his hometown while making light of the possibility of returning to play for the Charlotte Hornets. Curry’s hint was met with thunderous applause. The crowd was immediately reassured that he was not making any promises, yet the intrigue persisted. Curry has now, however, addressed this subject.

Curry resided in Charlotte for 21 years of his life. Before joining the Charlotte Hornets broadcasting staff, Dell Curry played for the franchise. Curry relocated far from Charlotte after being selected by the Golden State Warriors in the 2009 draft. He has always expressed gratitude and talked positively about his hometown, nevertheless.

Stephen Curry on playing for another NBA team

Stephen Curry has discussed the prospect of calling it a career with the Charlotte Hornets. Although he has no desire to play for another NBA team, the idea of joining the Hornets has crossed his mind out of “curiosity.” He acknowledged that he occasionally considers moving back to his hometown.

Curry discussed the ideas that come to mind when he considers this possibility.

“The curiosity of you know what would it be like to wear No. 30 in Charlotte, like my pops?” he said.

Curry, however, said he aspires to be a “one-team man”. He stated that while still playing for the Golden State Warriors, he wants to call it quits on his NBA career. He claimed that there aren’t many NBA players who have played their entire careers for the same team. Curry would therefore consider it an honor to be included on this list.

Curry is aware of the nature of the league, despite that. He claimed that the NBA is a fickle league since anything may happen at any time. His current goal is to just live the moment.

Curry’s objectives

Dell Curry, his father, played in the league for 16 years. Unlike Curry, Dell played for 5 different teams during his career. In light of this, Stephen Curry said he aspires to play in the league longer than his father did. He’s had this as one of his objectives for a while.

Curry is close to attaining this objective. His Golden State Warriors contract runs through 2026. Curry would have been a member of the league for 17 years by that point. Curry feels as though time has passed quite quickly.

“16 years, when I was a rookie felt like an eternity. Then you go through all these different seasons and look up, you are in year 14,” Curry said.

He added that when he reaches his 16th year in the NBA, he wants to hug his father and say, “That was the goal, I made it.” Having said that, he wishes to stay fit and play ball for as long as possible.

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