”Why now”? – Scottie Pippen says doesn’t want to fix his relationship with Isiah Thomas ever


Isiah Thomas is a player whose reputation is in very bad shape. Despite being regarded as one of the greatest point guards in NBA history, Thomas has expressed a preference to avoid communication with other NBA players, including superstars like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Jordan explained why in his documentary “The Last Dance,” which was released in April 2020, and Pippen discussed it with The New York Times in 2021.

Scottie Pippen on Isiah Thomas

Pippen asserted that he never had a relationship with the Detroit “Bad Boy” Pistons player and made it seem almost pointless to start one right away.

“Well, I played in the league for 18 years and there was never a relationship there. I’ve been out of the league for 15 years, so why now? It’s not like we’re crossing each other’s paths anymore,” Pippen said.

90’s Bulls will never like Thomas

With Thomas’ Bad Boy Pistons, Jordan and Pippen had a lot of hardships. Both clubs competed for the Eastern Conference title four years in a row and three times. The Bulls’ biggest challenge was the Pistons, who they had to overcome before they could establish their dynasty in the 1990s. Jordan and his team had a difficult time adjusting to the Pistons’ tough style of play.

MJ himself revealed in his documentary that he didn’t want Thomas to represent Team USA at the 1992 USA Olympics, which didn’t make Thomas feel any better. The Bulls finally defeated the Pistons in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals, but what infuriated the Bulls even more was that the Pistons refused to shake their hands. Even though Thomas may not have planned the shameless walk-off, it did little to mend the rift between him and Jordan and Pippen.

Even now, there is still a lot of talk about Thomas and his connections to Jordan and Pippen. Magic Johnson, a former player with the Los Angeles Lakers, recently pledged to make efforts to reunite both parties. It won’t come as a surprise if Pippen and Jordan don’t make apologies with the two-time champion, though, as they haven’t tried to end their feud in recent years despite Thomas’ attempts to resolve it. Thomas even said at one point that his dispute with Jordan and Pippen would go on for a very long time after “The Last Dance” debuted.

There is no purpose in mending a relationship that never existed in the first place, as Pippen suggested. Jordan and Pippen appear to have moved on, but they don’t appear to be letting the past define them.

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